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We are a family owned book bindery, found in 1969 with humble beginnings from Madurai, an ancient city of Tamilnadu in southern India with rich history and culture.
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Menorah has grown many folds since its initial days and keeps up with the growing demands through a systematic in-house approach where a multitude of local people work harmoniously to bring about the best while adding the hand-made value to our product.
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Menorah brand is committed to bring new innovative stationery and services every season, suiting each author, artist, student and executive, inspiring paper industry in quality time and again.
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Thus, with the world class infrastructure and talented efforts of our employees, we are able to turn 2000 tons of paper to notebooks and sketchbooks.
• Eco-friendly practices
• Several levels of quality checks
• Professionally tested sketchbook paper
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With 50+ years of heritage, we as a family have been in research, development and manufacturing of eco-friendly handmade stationery, sketchbooks and lifestyle planning, organizing products with vision of quality as the right for each and everyone.