MENORAH Stationery Private Limited
Manufacturing premium quality notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks since 1969.

Menorah brand is committed to bring new innovative stationery and services every season, suiting each author, artist, student & executive, inspiring paper industry in quality time and again, proudly made in India.

All our products are completely handcrafted and 100% eco-friendly. Along with quality and comfort, we take up social responsibility very seriously.  Pixel 2 Print is India's first ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and FSC CoC certified paper stationery manufacturer.

And that’s how we bring the best for stationery users in India, with quality that is actually better than international brands.
With our corporate office in Madurai, the city with rich culture of humble, sincere and hardworking society with excellent talent, our manufacturing facility is located at the Kappalur area.

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